One of the main reasons Congress changed the bankruptcy laws so dramatically in 2005 was to curtail bankruptcy fraud. Congress was concerned that there were too many people filing too many bankruptcies who didn’t deserve to, i.e. they could afford to pay their debts, at least something. Congress also felt that there was too little policing of debtor’s assets and information contained in the paperwork submitted by debtors. Now the Debtor’s attorney is expected to investigate his or her own clients to determine if they are indeed telling the truth about what they own. The debtor’s bankruptcy lawyer is charged with verifying the debtor’s income and assets, and if the information is not correct, is subject to sanctions. The net result has made bankruptcy much more expensive to accomplish because the bankruptcy attorney must spend more time reviewing the debtor’s information, investigating, and then strategizing how to accomplish what his client wants….relief from his creditors. On average fees have doubled since the law changed in 2005. My advice? Make sure you tell your lawyer the whole complete truth about everything you own. You don’t want to risk being charged with bankruptcy fraud, a crime punishable by up to five years in jail. Better you come clean in the privacy of your lawyers office and give your Bankruptcy Fraud Attorney an opportunity to help you save your assets and get you the relief from your creditors you are seeking. It can be done! Lawfully and honestly!