Tax Problem Solutions

In some cases, income and other types of taxes can be discharged in bankruptcy. However, you must have filed your tax return, ideally on time. An experienced bankruptcy lawyer will be able to determine if your tax liability can indeed be discharged in Bankruptcy. We’re a Chicago tax attorney that can help you resolve any IRS-related issue.

If your tax liability is not able to be discharged in bankruptcy, there are other options. We can always work with the IRS or the Illinois Department of Revenue and establish a repayment plan by filing a Chapter 13-type bankruptcy.

Sometimes, we can work out an installment agreement directly with the Internal Revenue Service.

Another option is to apply for an Offer in Compromise, whereby the IRS agrees to settle the amount owed for a lump sum amount that is much less than what is owed. In some circumstances, we can have the penalties that have accrued reduced.

You can choose to hire one of those large firms out of California or Washington State and never meet who you are dealing with. Please keep in mind that these are often complex matters and you should strongly consider hiring someone locally who you can meet with in person and someone you can trust.

Chicago Tax Attorney Lorraine M. Greenberg has been assisting individuals with their tax problems since 1981 and is ready to assist you in these and other matters.

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