What to do if You are Late on Your Car Note?

If you are two months behind, your car is probably on a repo list. This means they are looking to repo your car! Without warning. They don’t tell you they are looking for your car. In fact they may even lie to you and tell you everything is fine! Hide the car. Get your personal [...]

Minimum Payments are NOWHERE! – Credit Card Debts

If you are just paying minimum payments on your credit card balances, you should think about an alternative! For example, if you owe $10,000 on a credit card charging you just 18% annual interest, and you are paying the minimum payment of $250 per month, it will take you 28 years to pay off this [...]

Student Loan Discharge : A Detailed Look

In order to wipe out the Student Loans, in full or even partially, we must prove that repaying the loans would be an undue hardship. Criteria for ‘Undue Hardship’: A Detailed Look The term ‘undue hardship’ isn’t explicitly defined in the Bankruptcy Code, and so it’s open to interpretation by the courts despite the relaxation [...]

Can you file a bankruptcy case without a lawyer?

Yes, of course you can....but it is extremely dangerous and foolish to do that. I cannot tell you how many cases I have taken over after my client filed PRO SE, and made a complete mess of things. This resulted in my client paying me more to fix things than I would have charged the [...]

Student Loan Default & Fresh Start

On April 6, 2022, the Department of Education (ED) announced that borrowers who have defaulted on their federal student loans will have a one-time opportunity to restore their loans to good standing through a “Fresh Start” initiative. Traditionally, defaulted borrowers can only restore their loans to good standing through the rehabilitation or consolidation processes. Defaulting [...]

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