Chicago Bankruptcy Attorney discusses "How will Bankruptcy Affect my Future Credit?" One of the most frequent questions I receive is how will Bankruptcy affect my future credit? It is true that credit records are very important and getting more important every day. Many employers have started requesting credit reports, and certainly credit is necessary to [...]

Increasing Your Credit Score After Bankruptcy: Understanding Utilization Rates

Chicago Bankruptcy lawyer help you understand about Increasing Your Credit Score After Bankruptcy The goal is to get back in the game — the game of credit. But to do that, you must increase your credit score. The first rule to get a higher FICO score is to pay your debts on time. Without that, you will [...]

Credit Score Factors: What Are They?

There is a common misconception among credit consumers that if they simply “pay their bills on time,” they will automatically have a high credit/FICO score — this is not the case. Although timely payments are a significant factor in determining an overall credit score, there are other factors that play a roll as well. Undertand [...]

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