My how time flies. And it never ceases to amaze me how many of my clients get into trouble helping other people. Most times it is a mother helping her children or grandchildren…..letting them use the credit cards…..or cosigning for a car loan. Trouble is bad things can happen to even the most well intentioned. People promise to pay that car loan, or credit card but lose their job or get laid off. My rule, never never cosign, unless you plan on paying the debt yourself! Today I met a wonderful grandmother, helping her two daughters and their two kids each. Letting them live at her home, without contributing to household expenses. My advice? Put her foot down, and make them start paying the first of next month. $500 for room and board. If my grandmother client was receiving $1,000 per month she wouldn’t need the bankruptcy attorney and she could afford to pay her bills. Think of what all those showers are costing and the electric bill for all those kids watching TV all day! I hope she takes my advice and gets those two daughters, who are working, start paying! Where are they going to live for $500 a month, including room, board and a built in baby sitter? Absolutely Nowhere! But Mom has to insist or they are going to continue to take advantage of her. It is only human nature!

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