Should you file for bankruptcy?

Well, only you can decide that question. Perhaps with the help of an attorney or other counselor, you can help make your decision. What factors should you think about? Here are some ideas to get you thinking………How much debt are you in? Can you realistically pay it off over a reasonable amount of time? What Read More

Bankruptcy Fraud

One of the main reasons Congress changed the bankruptcy laws so dramatically in 2005 was to curtail bankruptcy fraud. Congress was concerned that there were too many people filing too many bankruptcies who didn’t deserve to, i.e. they could afford to pay their debts, at least something. Congress also felt that there was too little Read More

Student Loans and Bankruptcy

IMPOSSIBLE, to wipe out, or just about….you might if you are permanently disabled…..Recently a court refused to allow the discharge of $300,000 plus in student loans for a young lawyer earning under $50,000 stating that it was NOT an undue hardship on this young lawyer to pay back these loans…and that he was intentionally not Read More

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